Attune CBD's Purpose is Simple

Promote healthier lifestyles and environmental SustainabilitY.

“We are focused on promoting healthier lifestyles and bettering the environment through empowering farmers and making a strong contribution to an improved environment through using organic farming practices and giving back to communities.”

Attune CBD Our Story Organic Hand grown Hemp

Our Story

Attune is known for producing a line of hemp products infused with essential oils to maximize the desired benefits all naturally. Our hand-harvested U.S. grown hemp is grown using organic processes on our family farm in the golden plains of southwest Minnesota. Attune products are expertly blended with organic essential oils to maximize benefits. Our natural production processes help ensure premium quality through traceability from seed to sale. We offer third-party lab test results to validate the superiority of our products. Some of the most potent, pure, and powerful natural Hemp extracts on the market today, can inspire, calm, relax, and ease pain. Above all, they are formulated to better the people and environment we all share.

Only the Best

Soil health is the source of plant health

We endeavor upon this quest to pioneer a better future for the people by starting with the farmer and using organic processes. By reaching out to the farmers to start using organic processes we can help them strengthen their local economy while creating healthy soil.

We are also committed to the organic farming industry. The organic farm industry benefits the environment as well as the consumer. The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow their agricultural products, encouraging soil and water conservation, reducing pollution and water consumption, and is known to be a healthier way to live when compared to non-organic food.

We are focused on helping the farmers of America learn about growing organic food. Both commercial organic growers and backyard gardeners. Soil health is the source of plant health. Healthier plants equal healthy people.

Attune CBD Organic Soil Farming
Attune CBD Organic Farming Social Cause

Our Cause

Attune CBD is dedicated to partnering with the Organic Farmers Foundations to help provide technical assistance to farmers as they navigate the move to growing certified organic crops. Attune CBD is truly an organic champion and we are inspired by helping farmers overcome barriers while advancing the benefits of organic agriculture throughout the United States.

We are also committed to making a strong contribution to an improved environment and giving back to our community. By working with organizations and outreach programs we can help support the dying rural farming communities that support farmers.

By donating a percentage of our sales, we’re advancing our mission to help make a better future for our land and our farmers. More organic farmland means fewer pesticides in our soil and water — and a significant lasting impact on our environment.

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